4 Secret Tips for Drinking More Water Every Day

July 3, 2018 / FITNESS
secret tips for drinking more water
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Let’s be honest, drinking the recommended amount of water every day is hard. Like really hard. It’s much easier to drink eight glasses of wine than it is to drink eight glasses of water 🤷🏼‍♀️

But water is so necessary. It increases energy, promotes weight loss, boosts our immune system and promotes regularity.  And when you don’t drink enough water, you likely feel pretty crappy and get a migraine. But, if you’re reading this, you already know that and are trying to figure out how to fix the problem. So here are my secret tips for drinking more water every day.

Secret Tips for Drinking More Water Every Day

Tip #1

64 Ounce Water Bottle64 Ounce Water Bottle

The #1 tip is to use a very large water bottle that you do not have to constantly refill.

If you are using the average 16oz water bottle, you will have to fill it up at least five times throughout the day to make sure you drink enough. Then it gets really easy to say “I’ll do it later” and keep falling behind on your water intake little by little.

Instead, use a 64oz water bottle that you only have to fill up once. This works for several reasons:
1) You do not have to constantly refill, which is amazing if you work at a desk all day or outdoors.
2) It gives you a great visual of your progress for the day and how much more you need to drink to hit your daily intake.
3) It’s easy. You know that you just need to finish that bottle before you go to bed and it’s already prepared so you can just chug it when you need to.

My favorite water bottle is this insulated 64oz bottle because it is lightweight, easy to carry around and keeps your water cold all day.

Tip #2

Secret Tips for Drinking More Water Every Day

Fill a gallon with water and drink it every single day. It’s not as cute or convenient as the water bottle above, but it gets the job done!

Just take a gallon of milk, clean it up well so it doesn’t have a milky flavor and fill it with water every single day. You can also buy a gallon of filtered water and just continue refilling it.

I recommend marking it with hours so you have a guide and don’t fall behind.

Tip #3

how to drink enough water daily

Use these recipes on how to naturally flavor your water. This is how to drink more water when you don’t like it, give it some flavor and added nutrients with your favorite fruits!

Tip #4

Set an alarm for every hour and a half or two hours. When the alarm goes off, make sure you drink a cup of water.

Pretty easy, isn’t it?!

Ever wonder how to drink more water ever da? These 4 secret tips and ideas will help you drink enough water daily. This will aid in weight loss and help lose the belly. #hydration #fitness #waterintake


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