Hi there,

I’m Jessica- mommy of 2 under 2, wife, blogger, full time work at home mom… & exhausted! ?

I’m still trying to get some abs, though! It’s just as hard for me to do it just as anyone else. Yes, I know what needs to be done- but life gets in my way as well.

It really is hard and takes lots of commitment to be in tip top shape. I’ve had several miscarriages, a c-section and postpartum depression. So I have gone lots of times without doing hardcore workouts or even working out at all. I’ve also eaten maybe 5 jars of rocky road ice cream and one sitting- that’s life!

Anyway, I’m really just a girl trying to make life easier in todays world and hoping to help other people on the way.

I live in Chicago with my sons and husband, and we’re going to start trying for another baby soon.

I blog on my free time because I just love to do it, but as you can see I’m pretty swamped- so please forgive me if sometimes I go a while without posting!

My goal with my blog is to help other people. I only post recipes that are approved by myself, my husband who is the pickiest eater in the world, and my son. I also only recommend items I’ve tried and loved- I have no problem letting you know if I hated something. Furthermore, I try to keep everything simple- including DIY projects. That’s because 1) I can be pretty lazy 2) I’m realizing that I’m kind of cheap and 3) none of us really have that much time.

I’ll stop blabbing now, but I hope you enjoy my slice of the internet!