Keto Grocery List with Net Carbs & Free Printable

July 16, 2018 / HEALTHY RECIPES
keto grocery list with net carbs
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The hardest part about keto is figuring out what you can and can’t eat in order to remain in ketosis. I’ve made a keto grocery list for you that includes the net carbs in each item. Print this out and take it with you to the grocery store every time you go.

If you buy things from this list, you don’t have to worry about meal planning as much because you will know these things are safe to eat while remaining in ketosis (if you don’t overdo it, of course).

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Keto Grocery List with Net Carbs


Ground Beef  0g

Steak 0g

Corned Beef 0g

Chicken Thighs 0g

Chicken Breast 0g

Chicken Drumsticks 0g

Chicken Wings 0g

Pork Chops 0g

Pork Tenderloin 0g

Bacon 1g (2 slices)

Ham 0g

Turkey 0g

Ground Turkey 0g

Bison 0g

Sausages 0g

Hot Dogs 2.2g (1 link)

Bratwurst 2.4g (1 link)

Salami 1g (3 slices)

Prosciutto   0g


Cod 0g

Halibut 0g

Mahi-mahi 0g

Salmon 0g

Sardines 0g

Snapper 0g

Swordfish 0g

Tilapia 0g

Tuna 0g

Trout 0g

Clams 3.3g

Crabmeat 0g

Lobster 2g (6oz)

Mussels 4g (2oz)

Oysters 4.4g (4oz)

Scallops 4g (10 scallops)

Shrimp 0g


Avocado 4g (1 whole)

Blackberries 7g (1 cup)

Raspberries 7g (1 cup)

Strawberries 8g (1 cup)


Asparagus 2g (1 cup)

Arugula 1g (1 cup)

Bell Peppers 4.5g (1 cup)

Broccoli 3.6g (1/2 cup)

Beets 2g (1 cup)

Green Beans 3.6g (1 cup)

Brussel Sprouts 4.7g (1 cup)

Green Napa Cabbage 2.4g (1 cup)

Purple/Red Cabbage 5g (1 cup)

Carrots 4.2g (1/2 cup)

Cauliflower 3g (1 cup)

Celery 1.4g (1 cup)

Collard Greens 1.5g (1 cup)

Cucumber 3g (1 cup)

Eggplant 3g (1 cup)

Garlic 1g (1 clove)

Kale 5g (1 cup)

White Mushrooms 2g (1 cup)

Portobello Mushrooms 2.6g (1 cup)

Romaine Lettuce 1g (1 cup)

Spinach 0.3g (1 cup)

Onions 7g (1 cup)

Radishes 1.8g (1 cup)

Tomatoes 5g (1 cup)

Cherry Tomatoes 4g (1 cup)


Butter or Ghee 0g

Eggs 0.4g (1 egg)

Mayonnaise 0.1g (1tbsp)

American Cheese 1.5g (1 slice)

Blue Cheese 0.4g (2tbsp)

Brie 0.1g (1oz)

Colby 0.7g (1oz)

2% Cottage Cheese 4g (1/2 cup)

Original Cream Cheese 1.2g (2tbsp)

Feta 1.2g (1oz)

Goat Cheese 0.6g (1oz)

Gorgonzola 1g (1oz)

Monterey Jack 0g (1oz)

Gouda 0.6g (1oz)

Gruyere 0.1g (1oz)

Laughing Cow 1g (1 wedge)

Mozzarella 0.6g (1oz)

Muenster 0.3g (1oz)

Parmesan 0.2g (1tbsp)

Provolone 0.6 (1oz)

Ricotta 2.4g (1/4 cup)

Swiss 1.5g (1oz)

String Cheese 1g (1 stick)

Heavy Cream 0.4g (1tbsp)

Half & Half 0.3g (1tbsp)

Almond Milk (Unsweetened) 1g (1cup)

Yogurt (Whole Milk, Plain) 8g (6oz)

Greek Yogurt (Plain) 7g (6oz)


Almonds 7g (1/2 cup)

Macadamia 3.5g (1/2 cup)

Brazil Nuts 3g (1/2 cup)

Pecans 2g (1/2 cup)

Pine Nuts 6.5g (1/2 cup)

Peanuts 6g (1/2 cup)

Hazelnuts 5g (1/2 cup)


Mustard 0g

Buffalo Sauce 0g

Soy Sauce 1.2g (1tbsp)

Ketchup (Reduced Sugar) 1g (1tbsp)

Olive Oil 0g

Coconut Oil 0g

Avocado Oil 0g

Natural Peanut Butter (No Sugar Added) 1.5g (1tbsp)

Natural Almond Butter (No Sugar Added) 1.5g (1tbsp)

Ranch Dressing 1g (1tbsp)

Caesar Dressing 1g (1tbsp)

Italian Dressing 2g (1tbsp)

Balsamic Dressing 2g (1tbsp)

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Click for a free printable file of an easy keto grocery list for beginners that includes net carbs! Ketogenic diet made simple for newbies. #ketogenicdiet #keto #ketogrocerylist

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