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November 9, 2017 / FITNESS
Free Weight Loss Tracker Printable BANNER
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Tracking weight loss can be flat out dreadful, but it’s nice to see your results and how far you’ve come as you progress.  It’s also nice to see if you need to adjust anything in your plans.

So… you might as well have a cute tracker to do it all on!

How to Use the Weight Loss Tracker Printable

This weight loss tracker printable has a mason jar for pounds to lose and pounds lost.


You will fill the pounds to lose mason jar with the amount of stickers that equals the amount of pounds you want to lose.

Then as you lose a pound, you will move a sticker to the “pounds lost” mason jar.

You will also weigh in at the beginning of the month and end of the month. I recommend making note of the time you weigh yourself and always weigh yourself at that same time so that it’s consistent.

*** FYI, first thing in the morning is best.

Furthermore, I do not recommend weighing yourself any more than at the beginning and end of the month because weight can fluctuate so much day by day that I don’t want you to freak out if the scale tells you that you gained a pound in a day or something scary. You’re better off seeing the long term results and not stressing over the scale every single day.

You can use this weight loss tracker printable several ways:

  • Print it and laminate it so that you can write on it with sharpies plus move around the stickers
  • Print it, laminate it, hole-punch it and use it as a dashboard in your planner or fitness journal
  • Just print it and draw on it
  • Print it, write in your weigh ins and move the stickers around as you lose weight

Get Your Free Weight Loss Tracker Printable

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This super cute and free weight loss tracker is a printable that you can use to track your weight loss, especially if you're working hard on a program like the 21 day fix! Perfect to put in your fitness planner or on your fridge.

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