My Full Transformation

July 5, 2016 / FITNESS
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The original transformation picture I posted was a 6 month transformation, and I was already 2 months pregnant in my after picture. That meant that I had recently stopped working out due to bleeding and was pretty bloated.6 month transformation

Here is my transformation pic pre-pregnancy.transformation tuesday

I hadn’t posted it because I was uncomfortable with both pictures. The first picture is about 3 months after I had my son. For a few months I didn’t even work out because of issues with my c-section, so I just followed my meal plan and lost weight that way.

Then I started actually working out, along with following my meal plan, and I started building muscle so I really started to see a difference. About 7 months later, I was at my after picture.

I finally felt comfortable in a bikini again (just not comfortable enough to post it online lol)!

I could have done it faster, but I’m human and I had days and even weeks where I wanted to give up and ended up eating a ton of junk. Or days where I was so exhausted, especially since I was dealing with post partum depression, that I would just give up all together.

Ladies, you may not see results right away and you might get derailed a few times… but if you stick with eating clean and working out, I PROMISE you will see results! Don’t be hard on yourself and don’t live off of just salads.

We all have a different journey, just promise yourself to start yours and stick with it!

*** A lot of people ask me how I got rid of my stretch marks. Lord knows I wish they were gone, but they’re still there! They just faded to white and I have very far skin. They also shrunk as I lost weight (but now that I’m 5 months pregnant they are stretching back out). I didn’t use any special creams or anything like that. I just make my own, natural shea & coconut oil mix and always put that on as lotion.

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