The Honest Truth: Does Skinny Tea Work?

December 27, 2017 / FITNESS
does skinny tea really work teami
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We’ve all seen the skinny tea posted all over social media by reality stars with millions of followers… but, does skinny tea work? I’m not famous or already super thin, and I decided to give it a try and see if it lived up to the hype.

Does Skinny Tea Work?

If you’re looking for the quick answer- yes, yes it does. If you want more details, keep reading.

Weight Loss Teas that Really Work

teami skinny tea 30 day detox results does skinny tea work

The first skinny tea I tried was the TeaMi 30 Day Detox. I went with them because they seemed to be the most trustworthy with the least hype, in my opinion.

I felt like a lot of the other brands had women who have had plastic surgery promoting them, knowing their results were not from the tea. And although I have nothing against plastic surgery, I know that’s not my reality and wanted a brand that was honest about it.

Once I tried TeaMi, I could feel the difference in just a few days (I’ll cover that below) so I never felt the need to try another brand and honestly don’t think I will.

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My TeaMi Skinny Tea Results

Day 1 vs Day 30

teami skinny tea 30 day detox results does skinny tea work
** Keep in mind, I started this around the holidays so was not eating the best or working out much. I was eating Puerto Rican and Mexican food constantly. Had I been eating better and exercising, my results would have been better. **

How Skinny Tea Works & TeaMi Tea Review

I don’t know the science behind it and won’t pretend to. I just know that with the TeaMi 30 Day Detox, you alternate between drinking 2 teas and 3 teas a day. One day you drink two of the skinny teas plus a colon cleanse tea. The next day you just drink the two cups of skinny tea. You’ll drink the first cup before breakfast and the last before bed. You keep alternating like that for the 30 days.

I started seeing and feeling a difference about 5 days in.

The first thing I noticed was my skin clearing up after dealing with a terrible breakout for months. Nothing I would do would make it go away, and after drinking the tea for a few days, it cleared up! And it remained clear.

Next I noticed I just had more energy. I could handle my two toddlers all day without feeling like I needed to nap when they did. I could also exercise without my pre-workout.

Then I noticed all of my bloating (because I took it around the holidays) going down a ton and my pants were fitting better.

And, of course, because one of the teas is a colon cleanse, I became much more regular than I have ever been.

All in all, my experience was great. I lost a few pounds and just overall felt better and looked better.

Skinny Tea Tips & Tricks

teami skinny tea 30 day detox results does skinny tea work

  1. Before drinking the colon cleanse, drink a cup of water so that it is gentle on your stomach.
  2. Your first time doing the colon cleanse, steep it for just 2 minutes and wait to see how you react to it before you start steeping it for longer times.
  3. If you don’t like the taste of tea, add some lemon and/or honey. I hate tea, but I can actually drink this one on it’s own when I’m too lazy to cut lemon. But half the time I add 1/4 lemon.
  4. Drink the skinny tea first thing in the morning before you eat.
  5. If you eat well and exercise, you will have even better results.

TeaMi Promo Code / Discounts

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  • Stacy says:
    February 26, 2018 at 3:26 pm

    I’ve never heard of this tea. I’ll check it out.
    I love coffee but looking for alternatives to regular tea.

    • Jessica says:
      February 26, 2018 at 9:43 pm

      They have a tea called “energize” and it is amazing as a coffee replacement!

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